GRE® For Dummies Hello!

Welcome to GRE For Dummies. This easy-to-use product gives you plenty of practice problems to prepare you to take (and take down) the GRE. You’ve come to the right place to get the score you want and begin your grad school life.

You’ll see three tabs on the next screen.

• The Practice Mode tab allows you to choose the topic you want to study, the difficulty level of the questions, and how many questions you want to answer.
• The Exam Mode is where you’ll find six full-length practice tests.
• Other Resources includes more than 400 vocabulary flashcards to help you boost your vocabulary in preparation for the GRE. It also includes an overview of the GRE, additional information about scoring your test, and a guide to evaluating your essays.

To sign up for the GRE, see the current GRE Information and Registration Bulletin (available through most college admissions offices), register online at, or register via phone by calling 800-473-2255 or 443-751-4820. You can also check the GRE testing center locations and available time slots at Good luck!